// I try to stop the moment when I take pictures
and give moments a piece of

eternity, to make human nature more accessible.

I was born in an analog-time in the 70ies. in addition to the digital world of photography and found my way back to analog photography, which focuses the focus on the essentials again.

Shooting on Kodak, Fomapan, Ilford, Agfa, Adox and on some special 35mm films like Silbersalz35 or Washi.

Every film has its own unique and personal color and lightscheme. Whether black and white or color.  And when it comes to self-development, I have a lot more leeway than if I were to give my films to a specialist laboratory. I develop almost all of my films myself at home and it is an amazing moment

every time I open the developer-can and hope that the pictures have become something.

This moment is unique, every time!